The Janus House

Operating under the sponsorship of the Mental Health Association since 1974, Janus House has established a statewide reputation as the premier residential treatment facility for those returning to the community following a psychiatric hospitalization. By providing a caring and supportive atmosphere, Janus House gives the mentally and emotionally disabled members of our community a solid base from which to begin coping with their illnesses.


The independent living program at Janus House provides daily instruction for our residents in the skills necessary for making a successful transition from the hospital to the community. Cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and medication management instruction reinforce and rebuild habits lost as a result of our resident's illnesses. Each year, Janus House successfully places several residents in stable, independent living situations in the community.


An experienced and competent staff works hard to provide a quality life for residents during their stay. Hiking, swimming and field trips are among the activities encouraged to restore balance and physical health to our residents.


Medication management and close contact with Benton County Mental Health staff give residents a fighting chance at learning to live with what is often a life long illness.

Community Services

Janus House provides a respite service for those in the community at risk of hospitalization due to mental or emotional crisis. By giving these individuals a supervised, safe setting where they can take time out to deal with their mental illness, Janus House provides a vital link in the chain of mental health services in Benton County. Our respite service often prevents the need for costly psychiatric hospitalization and saves the county thousands of dollars a year.

Your membership dues assist in supplying indispensable community Mental Health Services.

Your membership provides - -

· Support for Janus House

· The satisfaction of knowing that you are reaching out to help those in need

· A newsletter (3 issues per year) to keep you informed about Mental Health issues and activities in the Benton County area.

· An invitation to the annual Fall meeting of the Association where you will hear exciting speakers and elect Association officers for the coming year

· An opportunity to be an advocate for Mental Health services for you and your family

· An opportunity to join a community group which focuses on ways to improve mental health services in Benton County

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Mental Health Association of Benton County

We are a voluntary, nonprofit organization founded in the 1940's, by citizens of Benton County. Our aim is to improve Mental Health in Benton County by:

· Developing an overview of the Mental Health arena

· Determining community needs for Mental Health services

· Designing programs to help meet those needs

· Supporting and advocating for mental health issues at county, state and federal levels

People who join the Mental Health Association of Benton County are average citizens who take upon themselves the task of promoting mental health in the community. For 50 years people have supported the mental health of this community because:

* The believe each person in the community needs a sense of personal competency, usefulness and belonging

* They embrace a positive vision for themselves and their community

* They recognize that a community needs to be a psychologically safe place

* They respect the individuality of each person

* They feel a sense of responsibility to neighbors and others

* They care about and promote healthy childhood

* They know that family, friends and co-workers play an important role in promoting mental wellness

* They recognize that different people need different kinds of help, which comes in many forms

* They are committed to empowering people to solve their own problems and to meet their own needs

* They recognize that when individuals and families break down, the whole community suffers the cost

Are you one of these people? These are people who make up the membership of MHABC.

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